Striplin Terrace

United Methodist Church

Fellowship Supper

 fellowshipThis is an informal church-family meal that meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Arrive in time for a short devotional starting at 5:30. We start serving the meal at 5:45. Since this is catered, if you make a reservation, you will be expected to pay. All reservations or cancellations are due in the church office by noon on Monday. 

Adults $6.00         Children (under 12): $3.50

Please note that the price for the adult meals hasgone up to $6.00 for our Wednesday Fellowship Suppers and the deadline for reservations is now noon on Tuesdays. Portion sizes will be increased.

Coverdish Lunch after Churchfamily night suppers

October 30th


Striplin Terrace United Methodist Church
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