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       Coming home from my third trip to the farm in as many weeks, I mulled the events of the weekend. I got to spend time with Tyler and Molly, bought a chainsaw, removed most of a fallen oak and inspected a destroyed power box, spend $$$ on 200 feet of wire, conduit, and yada, worked until 12:30AM Saturday night wiring the well pump (soaked from head to toe in sweat and from the drizzle), and saw the most amazing night sky.

       So let us recap. The high points? Seeing family and the night sky. Oh yes, getting the water supply back online. The bad parts? Did I mention the good parts and how awesome the night sky was?

       In life let us all focus on the good things. You will be amazed how quickly the mundane, the arduous, the "I do not want to do it" moments will melt away when we focus on the beauty God puts before us.

       This week, be that beautiful person God wants you to be as you reach out to someone who just cannot find the good in each day. What an awesome feeling to know you provided the part of a day someone will remember because you told them of the Savior.


God Bless,


I woke up at 6:30 AM Monday morning, even though work was canceled, and looked out my kitchen window to make sure all was well in the back yard. Nothing looked unusual. Now I admit at this time of morning I am only awake enough to be able to pour a bowl of cereal, add some milk, and find a spoon. I ate my breakfast as I watched the morning news. Storm news, rinse, and repeat. Upon finishing my bowl of cereal, I returned to the kitchen to rinse my dishes and place them in the sink. What is this, pecan leaves and branches where there were not any the day before? Oh my, when did that happen?

Well, it turns out the healthy-appearing limb fell about three or four in the morning. Of course, that is the “M-O” of pecan trees drop when they feel like, not when they are dead.

So what does this have to do with our Christian walk? Not a single thing. Except it reminds me how many times we are looking right at something and cannot see it. Such as a person looking straight at grace and redemption and not knowing it. How can we remedy this? Well, we show the lost the things they are missing that are right there for the receiving. We invite, and we encourage. We invest, and we nurture. We never give up! One day that person will arrive at church and suddenly have that "What is this? Grace and redemption that have been there all along? Yes, please!"

You know what to do. Meet and greet someone this week as we all pitch in to clean up after the mess

Irma left behind.

God Bless,

While down in South Georgia this past Friday and Saturday, I ventured over to Thomasville via Boston. Georgia, that is.when I noticed partially-covered signs signifying the road was closed in ‘X’ number of feet. As I passed three such signs, I noticed the orange and white barricades staged beside the road. This all points to one thing.The old ‘one hump’ bridge over the railroad is going to be replaced.

So sad, but so needed. The old ‘one hump’ bridge is the original bridge over the railroad track from back in the day when the road (now GA 364) was US 84. It seems to be about 1.5 lanes wide with damaged side rails made of concrete vertical and horizontal posts. I cannot say why there seems to be some sort of legendary romance with this unsafe object, but truth be told, it will be sad to see it go.

It seems this is how folks treat salvation. They look forward to it, but for some unknown reason called “human nature” they want to hold on to the old. When a person turns to Jesus, they need to drop all and go!

This week, remind someone you see to let go of the old and embrace the new. That is the new life offered because of the Savior. So what if they lose some old nostalgic feeling or weight that is dragging them down? They will quickly forget all that once they are in His fold.

God Bless,



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