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       There is a song on the radio the world needs to heed and hear. The singer sings, "I want to go back, to Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so"‎ as he tells of growing up and now wanting to get back to the days of his youth and Jesus.
       In the world today with all the senseless hatred and other yada that is so far from God, ‎I just want to hear the whole world proclaim the chorus of the song... "I want to go back, to Jesus love me, this I know..."
       This week, smile at the person you least like, reach out to an enemy, and invite a stranger to come see what Is in store when Christ is the center of the world.
God Bless,

       Another trip to the farm and another adventure with nature... This time it was ants. As I lay under the rear of my truck, installing a ‎hitch, it felt as though I was on rough sandpaper. Really rough; I mean like biting into my arm rough. I got out form under the truck to move the ground cover I was using when I saw the source of the 'sandpaper' in the form of tiny‎, albeit angry ants. 

       By the time I. got home‎ some six hours later, My left arm looked as though it had a serious case of acne. Gee, thanks Mama Nature.

       Is that just like sin, or what? It just creeps up on us, making us a little uncomfortable, bites into us repeatedly before we react, and then later we feel the full affect of the transgression.

       This week, keep those ants of sin away from yourself and those you meet. Invite the sufferers to church and show them the Balm of Gilead and the Love of Christ.

       I recently switched phones. Now do not get your hopes up, as it is not what you think. ‎As you may know I like to recycle, so I traded my phone for Mary's old phone (since Mary retired the phone) … Yes another non-red fruit phone. Since my 'V' key (which doubled as the '?' key) quit working, textifying has been rough!
       What I did not know and Mary forgot was the fact the spacebar on the phone she retired was buggy. Thatissometimes itworks butothertimesitdoesnot.
       We tend to be like the phones I use...Not quite 100% but we get by and put up with getting by. God did not create us to not be 100% or to get by. He created us to flourish and praise His name for all the Blessings ‎He bestows on us.
       This week, break out your fancy phone, smart phone, flip phone, or good old fashion rotary phone and dial up someone you have not seen in church. Rekindle friendships and offer an invitation to join us at STUMC ‎to grow in Christ.
God Bless,



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