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       As I dug an 18" deep trench about 125' long this past Friday and Saturday using a small backhoe attachment on a John Deere 70 tractor, I thought, "Really, could this be any tougher?"

       Oh really? Snap back to reality as I watch a documentary about the Suez Canal which was originally dug in part by hand.

       This makes me think of ‎how we all accept the challenge of spreading the Good News. We have email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc... for communication, yet we think, "Could this be any tougher?" 

       This week as you go out into the world, think about how tough it would be to be nailed to a cross to save the world from sins. Then think just how easy it is to say, "Come grow with me in Christ at Striplin Terrace."


God Bless,

       This week I am going to focus on joyous things. Yes, I realize there is so much tragedy and craziness in the world, but do not forget God is with us and wants us to rejoice in Him. 

       When you wake up and see those first rays of light, it is God telling you "Great morning to you today. I have you in my arms this and every day!"

       When you get ready for bed each night and you get a glimpse of the night sky, think of it as God telling you, "Great night to you... I love you and will hold you until the Son returns."

       This week help overcome the cra-cra and madness with a kind word to a stranger. Follow BK's example (I am not talking the burger king fellow here when I mention 'BK') and bring someone new to church and quite possibly to God.


God Bless,


    Recently I was given an electronic tablet. It was given to me because it was an older unit and the owner continually had problems with it. I got it going again and working without a problem. While working on the tablet, I found a fun little game called Flow Free. In this game one connects pairs dots of matching colors with dots. Sometimes the solutions appear before my very eyes quite easily while at other times it takes up to 97 tries to connect all the dots. On some levels it seems I can never connect all the dots; which makes me think of our Christian walk with God.

     Sometimes it seems that it's very easy to connect with God, while at other times it seems we can never connect with God. But I realized the problem is not God connecting to us but rather us connecting to God. Sometimes I know I tend to take the longest path possible to connect with God. What say you?

      This week please reach out to someone that you do not know and try to help them connect with God in the simplest of ways. The simplest way for someone to connect to God is through corporate worship. Invite them to Striplin Terrace and let's grow Gods fold for His glory.

God bless,



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