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        I am back on th‎e farm this week as I prepare a few cars to go to an automotive swap meet. As I opened the door to a partially dismantled 98 Dakota RT with what appears to be a perfect cab, I see where a rat has chewed a big hole in a door panel. UGH! I seriously dislike rats!

       This is a perfect ‎example of sin. The rat is the evil one chewing away at our insides. While we look just fine on the outside, things are not so well on the inside.

     This week, open the door for someone so they too can be restored from sin and be whole again. Invite that someone to came to the table and swap their old self for the new self God offers!

‎God Bless,

       Wow church, I am amazed! We had six countries represented in church last Sunday! Russia, India, the Philippines, England, the US, and... Texas. Well, some do say "Texas is a whole other country" don't you know? It just goes to show that God is alive all over the world.

       With this in mind, is God alive in Columbus? How about in your neighborhood? Surely in your home, God is alive. Well, think about the parable of the talents in this line of thought. Since God is alive in our homes, we should not keep God solely in our homes, but we should take God to the masses in our neighborhood, our town, and beyond.

       All the laws in the world will not solve the madness of the world, but the Love and Grace of Jesus will surely make this a much better 'waiting room' if you will. This week, please share the message of Salvation with all you encounter. You never know who's life you might help change or what tragic event you might help avoid with the Word and an invitation to worship with us at church.

God Bless,

       I had to return to work Monday evening to retrieve my lunch bag. While it may be a drag to have to drive a whole six miles (one way) to perform the task, being able to see the brilliant colors of the coming sunset make it all worth it.

       This reminds me of the tasks God asks us to do that we sometimes think are mundane and 'not so glamorous' if you will... but when we get down to the task at hand that God asks ‎of us, we are rewarded with His Beauty, majesty, and wonder.

       This week, you can experience both... Go out and meet people (ugh... for some) ‎and then see the beauty of a smile, the awakening of a lost soul, and the fold increase (all YEA!) 


God Bless,



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