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       Here we are in March. My how time flies. ‎Each day I try to get stuff done, but more stuff comes up and then there is stuff to do so I can get back to my regularly scheduled stuff. That's some heavy stuff my friends.

       In our Christian life, we need to put all stuff aside and focus on what is true and good. When we do that, all the other stuff just seems to fall into place in our regular life. So much so that our regular life is our Christian life. 

       This week, lay aside the stuff that caused us not to want to tell our story of faith and redemption to those we meet. Share what is good and true with the masses. Tell someone of Jesus and help that person clear the stuff holding them back from God.


God Bless,

       Last weekend began my venture into beekeeping. I am taking part in a six week class for beginning beekeepers. A couple of interesting tidbits about this new venture... #1) I have never been to Oxbow Meadows before this class and #2)  I have never been up close to a bee hive.

       At this point I must give a shout out to the man who invited me to the class. One of our very one Striplin Terrace members... Thank you Jim Ellis for taking time to answer my goofy "To bee or not to bee" questions and sharing your story of bee experiences.

       Now church, I am not trying to single one person out, but think of this story in regard to our Christian life. You see, based on an invitation, I have seen new things. I have seen things in a new light.

       What if the invitation was to a life with Christ and what if #1) I had never been to church and #2) I had never seen a Christian up close. Hmmm... See how that works? If we do not share our story and if we do not reach out to others, the many will miss out on not only things like Oxbow Meadows, bees, beehives, eternal life, and so much more.

       This week, be not afraid of a little honey bee kiss (sting!), but do share your story, your faith, and most of all, the message of Jesus. Let it flow like warm honey!

God Bless,

       We all know how I feel about my BlackBerry phone, but imagine if you will just how difficult it is to type messages with the 'V' key being next to impossible to use. This key is also used for a question mark. So, this means questions need to be stated as a nifty statement and there are a plethora of words I must not use.

        Here is a sentence and question without the uise of the one key. See if you can figure it out... "I hae a enture for isionaries. Are you interested‎ "

       ‎Imagine trying to exist without the grace of God. It is like not being able to use a key on a physical keyboard such as on a BlackBerry.

       Make sure all know of God and the power of Jesus as you share the Word and Message this week. Remember to break some ground and sow some seeds.


God Bless,




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