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       Wow! God gave us beautiful ‎weather for our inaugural Big Spring Fling Wing Ding. Not only that, but we had a great time at each event. Most importantly, we met new friends, and Mary gave three tours of the Preschool. 

       See what happens when we all come together and witness... we grow in God. This week, have a large time ‎as you reach out to others with God's Love and Grace. Remember, each Sunday is 

"Bring someone" Sunday.

God Bless,

Dear Church,

Thank you for the continued prayers for my mother and my family. My heart is joyful for the life God provided, and that now she is at home with Jesus. So many times in our lives we fret about tomorrow or agonize over the things of yesterday when right now is what counts. Becky Lange reminded those of us at the last Open Mic Night of this, and she is totally on point!

You see, if I agonize over what is to come, I miss the beauty of this day. If I fret over what I have messed up in the past, I miss the beauty of this day. Therefore, I shall rejoice in this day God has given as a gift from God and thank Him for it. This week I urge you to spend more than just a moment with God in prayer. Then spend some time with a person who is lost and needs to know the Way. Let them know we are all growing in Christ at Striplin Terrace, and that they are more than welcome to come join in growing.


God bless, Kurt

Coming soon to STUMC is the Big Spring Fling Wing Ding” weekend! This will be the last weekend in April and is jam-packed with activities! So far we have Open Mic Night on April 28th from 6 8. Then, at the crack of dawn on Saturday, we will have a monster yard sale (now to find someones yard to sell!) and bake sale. I hear Chef Rodney will be cooking up his not-yet- famous ‘Elvis Dogs and serving ice cold drinks. Then we will have live music in the afternoon or evening. It all wraps up Sunday, April 30th, with Sunday School, Morn- ing Worship, and (my favorite) a good old-fashioned covered-dish dinner!

If there has ever been a time to invite someone to come join us, now is the time. Do not wait until the weekend of the Big Spring Fling Wing Ding, but rather invite them now so they can be part of the festivities! If you have items to donate or want to bake goodies to sell, please let someone from the Marketing Department of STUMC know. We are trying to raise funds to help replace the floor in the building with no new name (? Hall).

As always, invite and share!!! God Bless,




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