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       Let the countdown begin! There are less than 30 days before I turn one more year older. But that is not the big news. The big news is we have a ton of good things coming up in November. Let's see... 11/5 is the Preschool Yard Sale, there are 4 opportunities to help with Market Days, and the same number of Sundays to get together for worship, a big Turkey Day (Eat, sleep, eat some more...), shopping the next day, topped off with Open Mic Night on... wait for it.... That's right... 11/25 ... my birthday.
       Okay gang, I know my birthday is not that important, except that I like having them (not celebrating them) as it means I get one more year. I know there will come a day that I will not get to have a birthday, but that is quite alright with me. That is because I have Jesus in my heart since I have admitted my sins as well as accepted Him.
       Your month might not be so jammed packed, which means you have plenty of time to get out amongst the people and share your faith. Once you share then others will share and soon the whole world will know about Jesus. When that happens, we can all go home to Jesus!
God Bless,

PS -- I hope to see you a lot this month!



Important dates for the bulletin and website
11/5 Preschool Yardsale -- on the street and under the portico 7 -12
11/24 - Thanksgiving
11/25 Open Mic Night <-- I want to do a month long push so folks do not forget with T-day and all

12/30 -- New Year's Adam (Adam came before Eve) Open Mic Night

       Well silly me... I came to church on Sunday fully prepared to turn in a signed two page form for the upcoming conference meeting. Well, I got sidetracked and left it in the truck. I remembered it after getting home and planned to take the two page form to the church office in the afternoon while out running a few relaxing errands. Woopsie.... I forgot it again. Well, truth be told, I did have a contingency plan as I sent the two page form to the office via email before the weekend. Oh well.

       To make a long story short, I attempted to drop off the two page form in the evening after getting gas for Mary's van. Well, the problem after all my attempts was that I had the first page, but the second (alleged) page was a signature sheet for something totally different!

      No matter how hard we try sometimes, we just cannot get it right; you know? Well, worry not! When you let God take control, all your failed attempts are lost like yesterday's news. You see, we need to all allow God to work His plan in our life, rather than us trying to pilot this thing called life.

       This week please go out into the world of the lost and let them know their failures can all be wiped away with God's Grace through Jesus. If we each one invite one, we will surely grow the church for the glory (GLORY!) of God.

God Bless,


       This past week I took a trip with my brother to North Carolina to see family. My brother and I hoped to see fall colors, but saw nothing but green and brown leaves. From Atlanta Georgia to Mooresville North Carolina nothing spectacular in the foliage department. Seems the drought is the cause of the absence of color this year. Besides that, we had a very good trip. Two brothers on a road trip!

       So, do you look for the spectacular in your Christian life but feel like it is lacking something? Maybe the problem is a drought. A drought of personal spirituality could be the root of the issue. It certainly is not the God does not want you to have Christian adventures.

       This week be adventurous and let God's love rain (Reign) in your life. You will truly be ready for a new season once you allow God to lead the way. Once you have your 'fall colors', go spread the Good News of God's Love and the Grace of Jesus.

      As an ending to the trip, we saw some nice yellow and red leaves on the trees. This was once we neared the South Caroline Georgia border as we made our way back to Atlanta.

God Bless,
 Kurt Dukes



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