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       As I drove up Morningside Drive on Sunday evening on my way ti the neighborhood market, I noticed all the pretty Christmas lights on the homes. Suddenly I noticed a large deer crossing the street. But wait, there is more... On the heels of deer number one was deer number two... and number three! 
       What in the world? Three good size deer in my 'hood? Uh,that is my neighborhood, not my truck's hood. I love nature, but this encounter was a bit strange. It did bring the decorations to life so to speak.
      Well gang, not much of a message here except to say make sure you and Jesus are on a first name basis, as you never know the what or when that might happen causing you to need the Savior.
      This week. Please look out for Bambi, Rudolph, and the other deers. Whilst you are doing that, please make sure to make a list (and check it twice) to find the lost and bring them into the herd... I mean fold. Let them know Jesus is the reason for the season.
God Bless,
       Well gang, I know how crazy this time of year can be which 57 items on a calendar to do in 31 days. With that, the Marketing Department of STUMC is going to give you one night back... 
       Open Mic Night was scheduled for New Year's Adam (Adam did come before Eve), but has been canceled. The only reason for the cancellation is to allow you to slow down and unwind. But what if you wanted to come to OMN? No worries, as OMN will return in 2017.
       So, take this chance to spend an evening with those who are seeking and help them start a new life in a new year. You should be with the ones you love on New Year's Eve, so I think Christ should be among all.
God bless,

       I encourage everyone to read over the Call To Worship that was in the 27 Nov‎ember morning worship bulletin. I was able to use it as a 'Motivational Minute' in a meeting on Monday morning, as my team and I embark on huge project.

       The words Pastor Rodney wrote are inspiring and need to be heard by all--not just those in Sunday's service. Take time to stop and know God this season. Once you are filled with His Joy, pass it on.

       While you are out and about, think of those with less than you. Lend someone less than you a helping hand. Maybe that help is a prayer or witnessing. Money cannot solve all you know. Share God's ‎Love, His Peace, and Grace throughout the Advent season.

Happy Advent and God Bless,


Below is the Call to Worship from the Bulletin 11-27-2016.

God of Amazing Surprises, we are rushing headlong into this season of buying, giving, greed, and struggle. We want to think of the holiday as delightful, but we have a tendency to make it a time of the highest stress. We over-schedule our time, overdraw our resources, ignore those moments in which we could just relax and have quiet time with our families and with you. We blame it on everything else but our own decision making. We speak of obligations, of the need to be constantly busy, of the pressure to purchase things to make people happy. The reality is that your love should be our foundation, the base from which we celebrate. Our watchfulness is not necessarily about what is to happen, but rather should be on the ways in which we order our lives, ways that block out your love and your healing power. Forgive us for our stubborn insistence on maintaining schedule rather than focusing on your love. Heal us. Strengthen us and make us watchful over our faith in you. For we ask this in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.



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