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       I had a jam packed weekend during the most recent three day weekend. Fleamarket on Saturday, Church and travel to the farm on Sunday, a quick oil change and visit with my niece and Tyler, then a quick trip to Valdosta before heading home.
       Whew, no rest for the weary, but I do not mind... I am still young! How many times do we get down in the dumps thinking  'I am too old for that' when in reality we are not too old. When I cross the finish line of life, I am sure it will look something like a fellow successfully stealing home on a well executed squeeze play. I will be dusty, probably with ripped pants and a tattered jersey, but I will be home safe.
       This week. Coach someone afraid to take a swing at life in the Walk with God. Let them know it is safe to come worship and grow with us at church. Remember, we are never to old to disciple and grow God's fold.
God Bless,

       So here I am at the farm on Boxing Day and it is over 70 degrees. Gee, did we skip winter and go straight to spring? Oh well, my sister and her family are here and we are having fun... except for the tics! One must constantly be on the lookout for these critters.

       Gee, sounds like the things that draw us away from God, right? You know, tiny little things we do not notice that bite into us and do not let go. 

       Well, as we move into 2017, let us put the flame to the tics in our lives; that is put God in our lives to beat down sin. Let us all strive to share God's word with everyone and grow the fold.


God Bless,

       So this is it; this is the final week for the big push to buy up everything in sight and push others aside for that one thing that just has to be had. Wait.... This is not we are about. We are about helping others, giving from the heart, and keeping Jesus in Christmas. Then how come so many people pass by each other in stores and do not even recognize each other? Why do people run red lights and pass in no passing zones? Because they can and because they do. It still does not make it right.

       Well, so much for the "Ba Humbuggedness"... how about some Christmas cheer? Get out and cheer someone up by telling them of the reason for the season and the eternal life Christ offers. Share a lunch or dinner with someone who is in need and let them make you a better person. Each time you give, you will receive more than you could ever imagine in the form of blessings!

       The tree is trimmed, the meal is planned. No go out and witness as you relax and get ready for an exciting 2017!

God Bless,



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