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       Recently I have been attempting to locate one song I once ‎had on a computer. I know that sounds like no big task, but considering how many hard disks I find in my collection, and being that the song was a demo sent to me by the original artist...

       Need I say more? Well, to be honest, I truly understand the concept of that one missing sheep in the song Ninety and Nine. I have searched high and low, and low and behold, I cannot find the song.     ‎       Well. I will let it go for now, but I will not give up! I do not want you to give up on searching for that one lost person. Believe me when I say there are plenty of lost souls out there! Let us each one reach one with the Good News of Jesus.

       This week, let us all be thankful and then let the Christmas music begin!

God Bless,


       So I hear the 'Super Moon' is out this week as the moon is closest to earth since the 1940s. I went out last night and saw a beautiful full moon as it was rising over my neighbor's home. The funny thing is that I have seen what appeared to me as a much larger moon many times this past summer. Oh but to see it in the country where there are no other lights.
       Oh well, I do enjoy seeing a big beautiful full moon. I hear it will not be this close again until 2030 something. Well friends, enjoy the moon while it is close by, as you do not want to miss your chance.
       Speaking of missing your chance, here is your one chance to make a difference in someone's life. Share the message of Faith, Hope, Love, ‎and Grace that is given by God and Jesus. Make sure all know this is a once in a lifetime chance for eternal life.
God Bless,

       More November yada... Do you know why some guys tend to drop the razor for the month of November? No, we are not reverting to caveman ancestry, but rather making a statement. We are not shaving as a way to promote (shall we say) men's health. So even though we may look like cavemen come 30 November, we are still ourselves, and hopefully more awareness of men's health will be evident.

       So, what do you give up to promote a worthy cause? Say, oh I do not know, maybe Christianity? Yeah that's a great thing to promote. Whatever you might give up to promote your faith, believe me will be worth it.

       This week please continue to spread the message about your faith. You may have to give up a few minutes of your time to do this, but think of what Christ gave up so you could be made aware of eternal life.

God Bless,



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