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Well folks, as I am writing this article, I am the only remaining sibling in my family to still be younger than 50. I say that as today, Monday 29 October, is my sister’s 50th birthday. Wow, does that make me feel young!!! My sister, though older than I, always referred to me as her “Little brother” despite the fact that compared to her, I have almost always been taller and (shall we say) beefier. I remember taking care of business when I was about four years old and my sister was in the first grade as two young boys were chasing my sister. The teacher and my mother were able to catch me after I had tackled both boys. Though my sister and I (as well as our older brother) would fight like cats and dogs, do not let anyone come between us!

So, as I remember the good old days, I have to ask, what do you remember most of siblings, school days, and yesteryear? Is everything the same, or have things changed? Do you converse frequently, or only on the special occasions, such as birthdays, bowl game days, and holidays? How about old friends? Is communication frequent, or just as sparse as some family communication efforts? As you ponder that, I must ask the burning question… how is our communication efforts with God? Do we tell Him what we think He wants to hear? Do we ever speak up at all? Do we ramble about the things we wish we could have if only it were in His will and oh, by the way if we get what we want we will always/never do that as promised, etc…

Whatever your communication strategy with siblings, God, or neighbors, please make sure you do communicate. I am sure it is safe to say no one communicated with family, friends, neighbors, enemies, or God nearly enough. If we did, we would have more friends than enemies, more neighbors than friends, and more family to boot! This week, make a special effort to communicate with someone about something important; i.e. a relationship with God.

God Bless,

I want to congratulate those involved with YCC (Youth, College & Career) for bringing forth praise, worship, a powerful testimony, and all the talents with which they have been blessed. Let me say with more folks coming to YCC, I am sure less will go to YDC… if you know what I mean. For those that do not know, YDC is short for Youth Detention Center. It is sad to think YDC has any “customers” at all when vibrant groups such as YCC are in place.

I remember a message not too long ago stating that a church did not have young children because the church did not have a nursery. Well, if I may, a church will not have youth if a church does not have a youth group. We are blessed with a strong youth group, dedicated leadership, and plenty of room to grow the group. After all, does not a church full of youth allow those of us past our youth years to be young again as we live through them?

Compared to Methuselah, we are all in the youth group God leads. So, grab your friends and bring them to His “Youth Group” we call Church. Unlike many things of this world, there is no age limit to His group. So reach out to someone today and let them know of a super cool place to come and be born again!

God Bless,

Well, since I forgot to turn in an article last week and since I was not in church on Sunday, you may have thought I dropped off the planet. Worry not my friends, for I am here as busy as ever. On Sunday, I came to STUMC at 6:30AM to set up the laptop and make sure the presentation for the 360 service was 'go-to-go' as they say. Then, it was off to the metropolis of Rock Mills, Alabama, where the band (DoubleWide Revival) was invited to play for the Rock Mills Church of the Nazarene homecoming.

I admit I was a bit nervous upon arriving at the church. I had never been in a CotN before. I did not know if their style of worship was something with which I would be familiar, but it is about God, right? Well, folks, I knew all was well when the service began and the pastor greeted everyone with "God is good!" and the congregation responded "All the time!" followed by the pastor responding with "All the time" and the congregation's response of "God is good!"

You see, the morning was filled with the Holy Spirit, as the large choir, led by a very young choir director, sang an anthem with which I was familiar, and as the guest pastor from a Congregational Methodist church talked about the real Heaven. He had the congregation rolling with laughter as he talked about the 'bellyship' (fellowship) we were about to have and all the fried chicken and 'nana pudding there will be in Heaven. Good times, my friend, good times.

So I tell you all of this to ask what do people think once they have visited STUMC? Will their worship fears be relieved? Will they be fed spiritually and/or physically? Will they tell others of the work being done at STUMC? I believe fears will disappear, I know the feeding of the body, mind, and soul is top notch, and I can only hope that visitors, (like each of us) will tell a friend of the good works going on at STUMC.

Please make that happen this and every week. Not to fill the pews only to say, "Look what we have done!" but to say, "Praise God, more have come to His fold!"

God Bless, Kurt



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