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Recently I had to go to the doctor for a visit, which resulted in a visit to an ultrasound technician. Sounds like no big whoop, right? Well, for the most part that would be the correct thought, but then again there is the one nagging part of the whole doctor/ultrasound tech dealio.... the wait. Not so much in the office, but after the fact. You know, the "Give me the skinny, the facts, the scoop... tell me what it is doc!" part of life. While I trust that God has all in control, I cannot help but fret a little. I must admit the warm gel of the ultrasound was quite soothing, but that is all I will say about the entire experience.

So, what has this to do with our Christian life? Not a lot, but then again quite a bit. When was the last time you had to sit in the waiting room before being delivered from the bondage of your sin? When was the last time you had to wait by the phone for the prognosis your rebirth from sin? Waiting can be the worst part of any visit to any office, but the good news is there is no wait time for the results of being saved. BAM!!! You already know the results; life everlasting. So, if you have any question as to your health (relationship with Jesus) status, come to the altar without hesitation. If you are 'good to go' then how about alerting all of your friends, enemies, and neighbors that the Doctor of doctors is always on call and He is ready to save now! The best part is no insurance policy is required, which means no pre-auths or any of that other nonsense!

God Bless,

For many Americans, this is a short work week. I have the joy of only working for two and a half days this week, but does that mean all is done? Of course not, as work continues on the home front. Every now and again I have to support work from home, as the other side of the globe is just getting their work day started. Sometimes we all get so caught up in our workday that we tend to not think of the workday of the Almighty. Referencing a scene from a not-so-religiously based movie, the scene where the person ‘acting as God’ is flooded with email prayer requests, I have to wonder if God ever thinks (even in the slightest), “I need a day off!”

Well, let us ponder the bigger issue… Do we find ourselves taking a day off from our Walk of Faith? I must say that we should all admit we do, for that is why/how we have sinned. If we are diligent in walking the talk and talking the walk every day, every hour, every minute, then we could/would be blameless, but since that cannot/ has not/could not/would not ever happen we are all found to be at fault for playing hooky from our Walk.

Let us all strive to take time off of work, but never time away for the Walk. As we enjoy time away from work, let us all remember to reach out to others that may have never spent a day on the Walk, or others who may have fallen into the weeds on their Walk. All the while, be thankful for all the many blessings of this year!

This past Thursday, as I was going to bed, I stepped on a shoe that was on the floor next to the bed. My knee buckled and to the floor I went as if I was a house of cards! The next day my knee felt a bit tight and sore. As the day lingered and the night came, my knee felt worse. To make it to my truck as I left work following an ‘all-nighter,’ I had to compensate for my knee. Fast forward to Monday… my knee still hurts, but now my back, shoulders, and hips are all out of whack from compensating for my knee. Two thoughts regarding Christianity come to mind based upon this little incident…

1. As we step into sin (inevitable) we try to overcome it by compensating with another part of life. Then, years later, we realize our entire life is out of whack, as it has been severely affected by the original injury. Healing via salvation is the only way to remedy this situation.

2. Why do we not go to the “E-mercy room” immediately following an injury of sin? Maybe we diminish the problem thinking it is no big deal, despite the fact a sin is a sin is a sin!

This week, be careful as you walk in the dark. Put away the things that can trip you up, (yes, I know, I should have put my shoes away), and most of all, tell someone else about the way to recover from the injury of sin… Mercy, Grace, and Salvation.

God Bless,



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