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As the old song asks, “Have you ever seen the rain?” Well, let me tell you, I truly saw rain as never before on Friday. As I left work Friday evening, I saw a whirlpool in action at the drain in the middle of the parking lot. I had to walk to the top of the hill to get across the driveway and then walk back to my truck, just to stay out of the ankle-high water. Wow, where did Noah park the Ark?

Do you find yourself in a deluge of distress in life? I mean things coming down upon you like never before. You know the times of which I am writing. Well, do not be distressed, for the tough times in life make the good times that much ‘gooder’ in a manner of speaking. Look to the Lord when you need Light. Look to the Lord when you need Refuge. Look to the Lord in times of rejoicing as well.

This week, as you find yourself in the rain, the sunshine, the warm, or cold. Remember, someone is having it rougher than you and needs as much Love, Hope, and Support as possible. Make sure to tell them where your Peace comes from. Let them know we are a church of open arms and a refuge for all.

God Bless,


So now that one of the boys is ‘all grown up’ and decided to “Head to Beverly… Hills that is…” (okay, somewhere near there anyway), Mary and I decided to move the other young’un from his bedroom to the recently vacated bedroom. Now with a blank slate, an empty space, a room with three doors, etc… we decided to turn the room into a den. Let me state it is not, I repeat NOT a ‘man cave’ or anything of the like. It is a den, an office, a TV room- Okay, it is really the bedroom for our beloved greyhound; we just did not realize it at the time we planned the room.

To be honest, we moved the sleeper sofa from our living room into the new den. Then we found a sleeper sofa we like for the living room. Here comes the funny part of the story. The pillows that came with the new sofa did not match the drapes in the living room, but did coordinate nicely with the slip cover on the ‘old’ sofa. Long story short, we collaborated on design ideas and with minimal ‘discussion’ we designed a room based upon a pillow. I must say I am quite happy with the results of the teamwork Mary and I put into the room. We worked long hours, slung a lot of paint, compromised, repurposed furniture from living room furnishings to den furnishing, etc… and then realized we were, finished except for the "nitpicky stuff,” as we all say. The only thing remaining is to sand a few trim joints, install and paint a bi-fold door, and replace the entertainment center in the living room with a buffet, sideboard, or something similar.

So, would it not be fair to say we as people are somewhat like the state of the den? That is, in the ‘nitpicking’ stage. Well, what I mean is we all think we are good to go, all prettied up, all finished in regard to faith and such; except for the nitpicking stuff, like a touch up here, a little fine tuning there, etc… Well, until we reach the Pearly Gates, God will never be finished with us. We will always be in a state of repair, improvement, and even repurposing (from what we were to what He wants us to be). As we move from what we were to what we will be, we find there are blank areas in our lives. We need to fill those blank spaces with good stuff, wholesome stuff, ‘stuff’ He wants us to have.

This week, help someone else realize the potential of what they can be with the Ultimate make over from the Master Carpenter!

God Bless,


There once was a man attempting to sell a car. The car looked good and had a good running engine along with a sound transmission. The car needed a few minor maintenance items addressed; which were completed with no problem. Then, when the fellow thought all was completed, a test drive identified a previously unseen issue… a ‘bumpidy bump bump…’ with what felt to be the left front tire. So the fellow took the car to a tire repair shop. Upon inspection, the technician discovered the car was out of alignment, the two front tires had flat spots from what was thought to be a very hard braking situation, and a bad lower suspension component. So, after shelling out $$$ the fellow had a roadworthy car.

So what is the correlation between a car and us as Christians? Well, in our own strange way, we are just like the car. We look good on the outside. We are able to walk and talk as if we are ‘good to go’ in our representation of our faith, etc… but… when the Master Technician looks into our soul and our heart, the news is not so good. There is this corrosion called sin deep within all of us. There is also this nagging little thing called free will which tends to get us out of alignment with what is good and right.

The Good News is true and tells us that we can be revived and given a lifetime warranty full of grace and redemption. There are plenty of service bays open and the Master Technician awaits your weary soul. Won’t you invite someone that is somewhat of a ‘clunker’ to the service bay we call the Altar? Share the service plan with all you know and do not know, as there is room for all!



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