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Because we are all so busy with resolutions and what-not I am too busy to write an article this week. I will try to make sure my resolution is to always be on time with my message on a weekly basis; but since I am so late this week I will try to start next week or the week after.

Really? Forget all the impossible stuff and reach for something obtainable as a New Year’s resolution. Resolve to pass on the gift to another. This is something you will not fail doing if you do it. Hoping you and yours have a wonderful 2013 and may the walls need to be ‘busted out’ as we grow together with new friends and family! Spread the Word and let them hear the Good News!

God Bless,


So here we are at that same old time of year once again. That time of the year when we all proclaim our resolutions, comment on how time flies, and then ponder, repine, and recollect. So, this year, I am going to do something different. I am not going to look back on the year I had, which was great, by the way. I will not look forward with goals and desires, though I would like to shed a few pounds. I will not become melancholy over things that were, though I do miss my old pine tree in the front yard.

Let's all make this new year something new. Let's make it a time to revitalize, re-energize, and rebuild our church family. Let us lift up those we have and invite those we do not have. Remember when you once said you wanted to change the world? Well now is your chance. Make 2013 the year that the church has to break down the walls to let all the people in!

Okay, start small. Reach out to one person, make a spiritual investment in that person, and watch them grow as a Christian. Then, watch that same person go out and make the same investment in someone else. That way no one fall off the spiritual cliff.

God Bless,

As many of you may know, I was in Japan last week. That is an awesome place! The people are friendly, warm, and most willing to assist. There is way too much to tell in one article, so I will focus on the trip home. The trip home began on Saturday 15 December at 6:30 AM Japan Standard Time. I awoke, took a shower, dressed, brushed my snags and headed downstairs to meet my colleague for breakfast. Then it was off to see the shrine in Tokyo Central Park. Following that, we meet 'Red', one of our Japanese counterparts. Red took us to Shinjuku station (via his rented Nissan) purchased our train tickets for the trip to Narita International Airport for our 3:50 PM flight to San Fransisco.

So, fast forward to 3:50 PM and we we are on the plane... waiting to take off for an hour due to weather. We finally take off a little after 5 PM for the eight hour and 51 minute trip. We land in San Fransisco on Saturday 15 December at 9:05 AM, where we are to fly out some three hours later to Atlanta. The three hour layover turned into an eight hour layover, as we finally pulled out of SFO at 5 PM. A short three hour and 58 minute hop to Atlanta and we were almost home.

So, what has this got to do with Christianity? Well, not much at all except it is the closest thing to a 'do-over' I will ever get besides true Grace. Even though I had a '2 for 1' Saturday so to speak, I could not change anything I did. I say all this to tell you Salvation is the only way to have a 'do-over' in life. Make sure you pass on the message of Grace and Salvation to all of the travelers you meet. God Bless, Kurt



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