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Well gang, I made a boo-boo between Sunday and Monday. I suppose I am a bit forgetful, but to be honest, I cannot remember the last time I forgot something I was supposed to remember…

Here’s my story (and I am sticking to it…) of my Sunday and Monday. I brought my beloved Michael Kelly Dragonfly five string fretless acoustic/electric bass to church for children’s choir practice. After church, I took my bass guitar (in its case) to my truck and placed it in the bed of the truck. I drove home—all of a half mile, where I got out of my truck, walked into the house and went about my business. Fast forward to Monday morning, where I found myself wondering what was the source of the noise from the bed of the truck. As I got out of my truck at work, I looked in the bed. To my horror, I realized I left my beloved bass (in its case) in the bed of the truck. UGH!!! First, I was thankful the bass was not stolen during the night. Second, I was afraid of the damage incurred as the bass (in its case) was out in the cold overnight. You see, instruments made of wood with stings under great tension (i.e. piano, guitar, bass, harp, etc…) do not do well with extreme temperature changes; such as 70 degrees down to 48 degrees then back to 60 degrees, etc… Oh my what would I find upon opening the case? What repairs would need to be made for my beloved bass to be playable once again?

God is good all the time! Upon opening the case, I found the bass to be unharmed and what appeared to be unaffected by the ‘sleepover’ in the truck. Do we hold up as well when we are left out in the cold (either through our own wrong doings or because we follow someone into something or somewhere we should not) apart from our Maker? I believe we would be like a wooden instrument with strings in that the tension (outside forces) would become too great, causing us to bend, warp, or break (submit to wrongdoing), or something worse. The good news is that a way to repair us has been made in our Risen One. We simply need to come to His repair shop (church) and submit ourselves unto the Repairman (God) for full restoration. This week, please go forth and tell your friends, family, neighbors, and enemies how they too may be restored. Be the instrument He asks us to be!

This past weekend marked the final regular season home stand for the CSU Cougars baseball team in 2013. The Saturday doubleheader was somewhat bittersweet for many parents—and myself. You see, for me, three of the 11 seniors were on the team four years ago when I began my stint as a PA announcer at Ragsdale Field. I have watched these three young men grow in their baseball career and as upstanding young men. I will always remember the thrills the Cougars have provided—and I will surely remember three players that were there when I began. One day we will look back on a part of our life and 'remember when’ as we tell the stories of old glory days of baseball. Surely we will tell folks about the triple plays, the homers, the amazing acrobatics performed while catching a ball or stealing a base. And most assuredly, we will have a player or two (or even three) that stick with us.

So, do we do the same with our Walk? Do we remember the ‘glory days’ of biblical times? The times when manna was provided, the sea parted, or times when water rose and then receded, or even when the multitudes were fed with just a few fish and loaves. If all we can remember is one story from the Word, what should it be? What would it be? If it could only be one story, I would recommend the story told in the 16th verse of the third chapter of the last Gospel. That one pretty much sums it all up. It has the excitement, the passion, the mystique of any good story. And, it gets you right there; if you know what I mean.

This week as you are being the “Nobody that can tell anybody about somebody that can save everybody” remember that sport's stories are always good, but grace, love, and hope is even better!

As I ate breakfast this past Sunday morning, I sat with (age appropriate) folks in the fellowship hall. The conversation turned to the boiled eggs the youngsters were attempting to peel and eat. As I watched (and wondered if the eggs were truly boiled, or were the boys in for a surprise…), I thought how a boiled egg seems similar to many Christian folks. Let me ‘splain it to you…

As a person holds a boiled egg—assuming that the holder is not the preparer—the person has to wonder about the content of the egg. Is it hard boiled, soft boiled, or one that missed the whole process? As soon as the shell is cracked, the outer contents of the egg are revealed. It is always a relief when an allegedly boiled egg is truly boiled. Then, the person probably wonders about the yolk. Will it be yellow, or has it been boiled enough to turn the yolk gray? Will the yolk be fluffy, or crumbly?

So, how is that similar to a Christian? So many people seem one way on the outside, but deep inside they are not as they appear. As you get to know the person, they may have multiple ‘layers’ making them very complex in nature. When you get to the heart of the person, what might you find? Let us all make sure we are not like the incredible, edible egg in regard to what we are in our hearts. People should know what a person is in his or her heart by who that person says they are.

This week, gently remind someone that it is okay to come grow with you and remove the cracked shell they might be hiding behind, as they, too, can return to the Fold and once again find Grace, Love, and Peace.



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