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       Ah spring is on its way. How do I know this? Well because football is finished, college baseball is starting up, and because of the sounds and sightings of Canada geese in the parking lot at work. These honkers are either ‎saying "Hey you, do not run me over!" or else they are talking to each other.

       Each year I am blessed to see the circle of life thanks to these protected animals. They fly in, the young ones court, mate, and the tiny little (ugly) babies emerge. They grow into magnificent creatures‎ that (from what I hear) mate for life.

       You know, the church has a circle of life as well. New people come in, others move on, others go to heaven, etc... but it is a beautiful thing to be part of in this life. Please share God's message of Faith, Hope, and Love  through Jesus with a lost one this week.

       By the way, do you know why the geese are Canada geese and not Canadian geese? Because they have no passport!


God Bless,


      "As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after You" ah yes, the lyrics of a beautiful song. Now that we seem to have a family of deer that have taken up residence in our little patch of woods, it reminds me of a more peaceful world. 
       I mean there is something special about a young deer suddenly realizing there is a loud little car on the road near me, but the fodder under the old oak tree is  ‎so good... And then the little deer turns and looks... Then I take aim, apply pressure with my finger... Nice shot! Oh thank you for the beautiful photo I just shot on my phone!
       Really? Tell me you knew I was taking a photo. Anyway, slow down and enjoy the beauty around you. Share that beauty with those who only see the ugly of the world. Can any other church in the area claim a 'resident deer' per say?  
‎       Share God's Word in the song "As The Deer" and you will be sharing His Word. The song is from Psalm 42. Let's grow God's fold together!

God Bless,


       I can tell you first hand ‎that God covered me as I went to the farm Sunday to help my niece. The road was wet between Columbus and Albany as the rain was coming down from drizzling to heavy rain. Then between Albany and Moultrie, there were lawns flooded and one place where water covered the road. Thanks to road crews the road was passable by the time I made it to that area. On the radio I heard many weather warnings and thought, we'll I am just ahead of the storm. I must keep rolling.
       Well, just past Barwick, I found myself driving in the left lane, as tree limbs were dropping in the right lane. Oh My! The worst part was between Dixie and the farm. I have traveled road since I was 16 and it was a dirt road. But on Sunday the rain came down so hard I could not see three feet in front of me. So I found myself going about 20 MPH.
       I was constantly thinking how I would change an alternator in this weather. But as I turned off the paved road onto the dirt road, the rain stopped and the sun came out.
       First off, PRAISE God! Now go tell people to trust God and think of 'Til the Storm Passes By'. Let folks know there is a brighter day to come for those who know Jesus.
God Bless,



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