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       When I got to church Sunday, the sky over the church and to the east was beautiful. I noticed the clouds to the west, but thought, "Wow, what a gorgeous day!" I unlocked the side door, ran to the disarm the thingamadoodle, and then proceeded to unlock the other doors. I got a text asking to be let in downstairs, so off I went. I opened the door and wow... rain!

       I still say it was a beautiful morning, despite a little rain. You see, I grew up in a farmhouse with a tin roof. Rain on a tin roof is like a symphony of percussion turned up to 11. I find the power of God amazing, whether it is under the sunny skies He provides, or the rainy days He gives us. You may not feel the same as me, but I know you recognize the power of God in all things.

       This week, share the message of His power through the Love of Jesus and the Grace provided through the cross. God has given us the power to increase His fold through simple invitations to worship together, so please use your power for good.

God Bless,

       Many in the church; as well as friends of church members have been ‎so kind to donate items to sell at yard sales and the flea market. For that I can say as a collective body of worshipers "Thank you!" However, one thing bothers me...

       I seem to have two things in my life of which I can not let go. One is my 'selling hat' and the other is my tattered 'green blanket' that comforts McKenzie the bulldog ‎when I am not at home. 

       Now I know new and better hats are available and ‎Mary even bought me a new blanket, but for some reason I hang on to the old...

       Gee, sounds just like a walk with God. Though we have Perfection  holding our hand, we hang on to sin and try to have it both ways. ‎Like the song from the movie states... Let it go... The sin that is.

       This week, pray for those not able to attend church, pick up those who can not otherwise get to church, and by all means invite someone to come to church so they too can drop their old hat or old ratty green blanket and hold on to God with both hands! 


God Bless,

Someone at the flea market gave Mary and me a burlap bag with "W Germany" printed on it. Interesting that the man did not notice this, as he reminded us West Germany no longer exists.

When you think about it. One day we will all blend into one with God without a nation or political lines, but only God's Kingdom to enjoy. 

This week, forget about the politicos and talk to folks about fun and good things like STARS production of Hee Haw, the Salvation of Jesus, and how we are open each Sunday. You know, stuff that matters. :)




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