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        I wonder about the origins of the word 'outreach' that we all use so freely when speaking of church. I think it plausible that it referred to the outward reaching arms of Jesus as He paid for our debt of sin upon the cross. Then I think of each word in this compound word... Out as in 'not in' and reach as in 'not turn away' and so forth.

       Can we truly say we each and everyone have the best outreach ministry we can (each and everyone) have? Not as a church, but personally. You see if we all. Personally have the best outreach ministry, then collectively we are exactly what God wants.. An outward, reaching church to spread the news of the Grace, Love and Salvatio   of ‎Jesus.

       This week, please look out into the word and bring a lost soul home to church.


God Bless,


Remember my challenge...  Each one, bring one.  If we all do that, we will double the fold.  If we do not do that, we are likely to fold.  Which fold would you rather have?


        I came to mow the grass in the plot across from the church about a month ago. I was almost finished when the skies darkened and I had to duck and run... I mean disengage the blade and get out of Dodge. Well, somewhere along the way, I lost an almost new pair of Fiscar lopping shears. The orange handles on the shears are about two feet long. One would think I could not misplace something so bright. But, sadly enough, I did.

       So, now that my sad story is out of the way... Wait a minute, my sad story sounds much like many people in their life, searching for that one thing they had as a youth... that one thing that made them want to come to church, that fire that burned deep inside to do more, be more, and spread the message. You know, that one thing a person thought they could never lose because it was right there... but now it is gone. Where did it go?

       Well, truth be told 'it' did not go anywhere. No, 'it' is right where 'it' was left. 'It' is still here, waiting on the person to home to the fold. This is where we can all be a big help. We can show them where 'it'... Rather He is and that He is right here waiting for them to come home. This week, reach out to the lost and bring them home to the fold of Jesus.

God Bless,



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