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      While I realize TV is only entertainment for the most part, but ‎must the writer's, producers,and all involved have to get the facts so badly wrong and thus call it a comedy?

       I watched an animated film that was allegedly a "Bee Movie" (I won't call it by name... hint, hint) that was so incorrect that I could not find the comedy in it. First off, boy bees do not work and do not have stingers...

       Then I watched some ridiculous series about a 'Good Place' (shall we say) where 'Michael' would not say the locale was Heaven, but a good place as opposed to the bad place. Really? How lame. Not funny. Ugh, I give up.

       My thought here is the world refuses to believe fact, and likes to somehow make Heaven and Hell somewhat similar, rather than being totally opposite. Wake up world!

       This is one reason we are starting an outreach in the community. It is so people can come to know Jesus, the real Truth. Please reach out to everyone so no one thinks there is a 'Good Place" but rather knows there is a real Heaven‎, and sadly a real He'll for non believers. 


God Bless,

       I have been working on computers for many year‎s now, and one thing about them really bothers me. I have to remember so many passwords, I forgot the password for my microwave!

       Sounds silly I know, but do you ever feel like that? Well worry not my friends. Some days it feels like we ‎are wired to worry about the wrong thing. I know God did not make us that way, but I swear...

       It is so good to know the password to eternal life is Jesus and we do not need to worry about a password for the pews at church! This week, take advantage of our no-password-pew offer and invite someone you have never seen come to church. They just might ‎suprise you come Sunday! 

       If we keep spreading His Love, hatred will be trampled and fade away!

God Bless,


       There is a song on the radio the world needs to heed and hear. The singer sings, "I want to go back, to Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so"‎ as he tells of growing up and now wanting to get back to the days of his youth and Jesus.
       In the world today with all the senseless hatred and other yada that is so far from God, ‎I just want to hear the whole world proclaim the chorus of the song... "I want to go back, to Jesus love me, this I know..."
       This week, smile at the person you least like, reach out to an enemy, and invite a stranger to come see what Is in store when Christ is the center of the world.
God Bless,



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