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       So, the little one could not believe the photo I showed in church was a boy. Well believe me, it is a boy. It just goes to show how society changes over time. At least the person in the picture did not have a thick ruffled collar (called a 'ruff') like those from the Elizabethan period. One day someone might look at a picture and not know if the subject is a male or female for some reason other than clothing. But,the beholder knows...

       Speaking of that, I can tell you it pains me not to know exactly who the person in the picture really is, but I know I am related to the person. Now think how terrible it would be if a person stood outside the pearly gates and Jesus said, "I am sorry, I do not know this one..." There is only one way to remedy this situation. In the case of pictures, write the name of the person on the back, tag the frame, or write a book about the person and include the photo as an illustration, In the case of heavenly concerns, make sure the name of Jesus is written across your heart and He lives in your heart.

       As you are out and about with your Christmas shopping, make sure to share how important the grace of Jesus is and how He is truly the reason for the season. Invite that person to church so that when they arrive at the pearly gates, the welcome will be, "This one I know by name!"

God Bless, Kurt



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