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       Coming home from my third trip to the farm in as many weeks, I mulled the events of the weekend. I got to spend time with Tyler and Molly, bought a chainsaw, removed most of a fallen oak and inspected a destroyed power box, spend $$$ on 200 feet of wire, conduit, and yada, worked until 12:30AM Saturday night wiring the well pump (soaked from head to toe in sweat and from the drizzle), and saw the most amazing night sky.

       So let us recap. The high points? Seeing family and the night sky. Oh yes, getting the water supply back online. The bad parts? Did I mention the good parts and how awesome the night sky was?

       In life let us all focus on the good things. You will be amazed how quickly the mundane, the arduous, the "I do not want to do it" moments will melt away when we focus on the beauty God puts before us.

       This week, be that beautiful person God wants you to be as you reach out to someone who just cannot find the good in each day. What an awesome feeling to know you provided the part of a day someone will remember because you told them of the Savior.


God Bless,




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