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      While I realize TV is only entertainment for the most part, but ‎must the writer's, producers,and all involved have to get the facts so badly wrong and thus call it a comedy?

       I watched an animated film that was allegedly a "Bee Movie" (I won't call it by name... hint, hint) that was so incorrect that I could not find the comedy in it. First off, boy bees do not work and do not have stingers...

       Then I watched some ridiculous series about a 'Good Place' (shall we say) where 'Michael' would not say the locale was Heaven, but a good place as opposed to the bad place. Really? How lame. Not funny. Ugh, I give up.

       My thought here is the world refuses to believe fact, and likes to somehow make Heaven and Hell somewhat similar, rather than being totally opposite. Wake up world!

       This is one reason we are starting an outreach in the community. It is so people can come to know Jesus, the real Truth. Please reach out to everyone so no one thinks there is a 'Good Place" but rather knows there is a real Heaven‎, and sadly a real He'll for non believers. 


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