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       Sometimes I get a request from someone to prepare a video for an upcoming service.  ‎Sometimes searching for the requested video takes me to other videos of interest and relevance. For instance, when searching for the 86 year old man splitting a rock with millennial tools, I saw a video listed for a man lifting a multi-ton stone. Ok, I had to watch that one too. This one some led me to auditions that made Simon cry...

       Wait, how did I get so off track, I ponder. It happens to all of us in life and in our Walk with God. I call it 'Shiny stuff' as it makes us think, "Oooh, preeeety.." and we are off onto something else.

       Let us each one keep each other on the straight and narrow path God has intended. Even before ‎you master this, please reach out to others who are caught up in the "Oooh preeeety" stuff and invite them to Come and See.


God Bless,




Don't forget to come join the fun Friday night for Open Mic Night from 6-8pm in the Family Gathering Center.




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