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     Suddenly I have become painfully aware that time is finite. There is a limited amount of time for a TV show, loan, warranty, and sadly life. But, I joyfully understand to let go and let God. So what does this mean? It means I will spend my days being joyful for what I have been given and joyfully let go of the things that hold me back.

                There is one thing I have come to know in my short time on this third rock from the sun… I forget now, but anyway, the point is God wants us to be joyful and not worry about tomorrow (as in time). If I pine away each day over losses, I would have no time for joy. Thank God (literally) for joy being the victor.

                So what is this all about? Nothing, just wasting time… PSYCH!!! Be joyful this week and spread some smiles. Make those smiles cause people to wonder what you found. They will, so be ready to share your story of Jesus.

Many blessings… until next time…

               This past Sunday I talked to the kids about how we sometimes take what God gives us and we cross it off the list as it might not be to our liking. Well, as I drove to LaGrange Sunday afternoon to return some band items to a former bandmate, I got to thinking how I have probably crossed off more on the list God gives me than anyone. As I sat in my truck for over an hour watching the clouds, I pondered.

                Enough about me and my ponderings! Ponder no more as to whether you should spread the good news as you know that is our task. We should accept it with joy and do it to the best of our abilities. Notice I did not use the singular ‘ability’ as we are all given a multitude of abilities. As you sit back and enjoy a few free moments with God, look up and enjoy a cloudy day. See what the story in the clouds is all about. After you feel refreshed, go spread the message of Love, Hope, and Grace.

Many Blessings,


                This week’s message is short but to the point… As seen in a humorous Christian comedy book, a child asked his father, a pastor, how he came up with his sermons. The father replied, “I let  God tell me what to write.” The child then asked, “Then why do you cross things out?”

                Cute but thought provoking. How many times do we dismiss the gifts God provides because they are not to our liking, or we find no use for such? Let us strive to recognize what God is telling us, gifting to us, and taking from us.

                This week, gift someone the Good News and help them know to take it as it is, an eternal gift. Invite them to come grow with us.

Many Blessings,



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